Small Changes Big Impact

University of Toronto - Department of Family & Community Medicine

Small Changes Big Impact explores the challenges, process and impact of change that drives family medicine. Through honest conversations with family doctors, you will hear stories of how they were inspired to make a change and what they learned along the way. Listen, and be inspired by how family doctors and other primary care providers are having an impact and changing our world, one small change at a time. For family physician listeners, remember you can get up to 5 credits by completing a “linking learning to practice” activity. www.cfpc.ca

Personal stories from the frontlines during COVID-19 with Dr. Nadia AlamFaces fighting COVID with Dr. Gray MoonenEDI, race, and authenticity in medicine with Dr. Onye NnoromLongterm care and leadership during COVID-19 with Dr. Allan GrillVirtual care during COVID-19 and the patient-centered medical home with Dr. Ali DamjiCOVID-19 in the context of global health and vulnerable populations with Dr. Praseedha JanakiramThe art of negotiation and and family medicine in the time of COVID-19 with Dr. Nikolina MizdrakHow small structural changes can impact your patient population with Dr. Camille LemieuxA teaspoon of wellness makes the medicine go down with Dr. Julia AlleyneA candid COVID conversation with Dr. Ruby AlviSupporting residents and seeing patients in the COVID-19 era with Dr. Allyson MerbaumHot topics in COVID-19 with Dr. Ross UpshurProviding care to specific communities including LGBTQ2S folks and those living with HIV with Dr. James OwenFinding time to recharge your soul and empathy as a transformative experience with Dr. Diana ToubassiAdvocating for a better health system with Dr. Danielle MartinCreating space to improve personal and professional care with Dr. Nadine LarayaLeadership transparency and the approach to feedback with Dr. Allan GrillWhat you can do to change the world with Dr. Michael KiddUsing what we know about influenza to put the novel coronavirus into perspective with Dr. Jeff KwongImportance of learning in an educational institution with Dr. Mahan Kulasegaram