The Week That Was in Europe

Klaus Adam & Dirk Schumacher

Every week, we discuss topical economic themes from a European perspective and provide perspective on key macro data news.
New Coalition Vows to Unblock GermanyThe role of savings for the Euro Area inflation outlook"Safe Assets" in the Euro Area - A Critical Review with Hanno Lustig (Stanford University)How tight is the Euro Area labour market?What drives oil and gas markets? An interview with Joel HancockPreview of the October ECB meetingHow should monetary policy respond to stagflation risk?Challenges for the new German governmentCould a Cost Push Trigger a More Lasting Rise in Inflation?The ECB's new strategy: an interview with Lucrezia Reichlin (London Business School)Digitalisation, Productivity, Inflation in EuropeGerman election - what's in it for Europe?How to reform Euro Area fiscal rules?