week415 Deep Space Podcast

Deep Space Podcast - hosted by Marcelo Tavares

Apr 14 2023 • 1 hr

E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Many thanks for listening. For the today’s show we have the first co-host of the podcast!I’m so glad to share the hosting of the week415 with Christian Steinburg, from Nuremberg, Germany!Christian Steinburg is part of the podcast family for a long time now, has established 4 guestmixes already on the show and is a huge supporter as Spatial Listener year after year.Thank you so much for your support, Chris! If you wanna to be a Spatial Listener or a co-host, please check information at:https://deepspacepodcast.com/subscribe Enjoy the week415! Playlist:Artist – Track Name – [Label] 1) Masahiro Takahashi - Cloud Boat - [Telephone Explosion]2) Tapes meets Nikolaienko - Rush to Closing Gates - [Porridge Bullet]3) The Inner Sleeves - Inner Engineering - [Horisontal Mambo]4) Monoconda - Weakness - [Kashtan]5) Popp - Pingo (Air Mix) - [Public Possession]6) Lord Of The Isles - Medi - [Lapsus]7) The Inner Sleeves - Rêverie - [Horisontal Mambo]8) Lauer & Dena - Where's Your Love Gone? (Synthepella Mix) - [[Emotional] Especial]9) Salamanda - Truffles Sprinkles - [Public Possession]10) Ajukaja & Ats - Estradin - [Porridge Bullet]11) Monoconda - Statues - [Kashtan]12) Darone Sassounian - Prerequisite #2 - [Rocky Hill]13) New Folder - Somnambula14) Lord Of The Isles - Lo-Theory - [Lapsus]15) DUNN - IN THE SHADE - [100 LIMOUSINES]16) Michael Claus - Coral Tower - [100% Silk]