week259 Deep Space Podcast

Deep Space Podcast - hosted by Marcelo Tavares

Dec 22 2017 • 2 hrs

E ae!Welcome to Deep Space Podcast! Many thanks for listening. This is the last show before the Christmas and the second-to-last episode of 2017! Featuring exclusive guestmix by Vincent Inc (Manuscript Records). Check more info from Vincent Inc in the links below:https://www.facebook.com/incvincenthttps://www.mixcloud.com/vincentinchttps://www.soundcloud.com/vincentinchttps://www.facebook.com/manuscriptrecordshttps://www.mixcloud.com/manuscriptrecords Merry Christmas! Enjoy the week259! Playlist:Artist – Track Name – [Label] 1st hour mixed by Marcelo Tavares1) Paul Cut – Should Bruxelles – [D.Ko]2) Tee Mango – Confused – [Clone Royal Oak]3) DMX Krew – ? Disk I/O Error – [Abstract Forms]4) Rishi K. & Juanma Llopis – Prime Mover (Diatonicfamily Remix) – [Society 3.0]5) Nocow – Samaya Dolgaya Noch – [Rekids]6) Multiple Mono – Maximum Chicken – [Ricochet]7) Chocky – Organism – [Dessous]8) Dave John’s – Galaad – [Chikyu-u]9) Secondo – Shakin – [What About Never]10) Clang83 – Storyteller – [EyeTone]11) Apparel Wax – 001FREE – [Apparel Wax]12) Young Wolf – Kabuki (Spiritual Version) – [Themes For Great Cities] 2nd hour exclusive guestmix by Vincent IncSorry, no playlist.