4 - Cloud First Strategies for Critical Workloads

Infrastructure Anywhere: A Podcast Series from CPP Associates

Jun 26 2021 • 41 mins

With so many options available today – on prem, cloud, hybrid, consumption-based – it’s hard to know where and how your workloads should reside. The expression, “Cloud First” is repeated over and over. But as host Paul O’Dell explains, CPP believes in “Customer First.” In other words, let’s first ask what are you looking to get from this cloud first vision? Scale, flexibility, performance, access, better security etc.? What are your requirements when it comes to industry compliance? What is your preferred cost model? In this episode, we’ll discuss how to achieve a true apples-to-apples comparison of all the options available, focusing specifically on mission-critical applications.

Host: Paul O’Dell, Partner, CPP Associates

Special Guests:

Local Businesses that received a “shout out” from today’s guests:

Van's Frozen Custard & Burgers, East Dundee, IL (Roan Low)

Friends & Company, Madison, CT (Tom Jensen)

Rice Shop, Hoboken, NJ (Paul O’Dell)