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Accelerate Health shines a light on the bold thinking needed to transform care delivery and drive what’s next for health, exploring the grit it takes to make big change happen in healthcare. Listen each week as HIMSS Executive Director of Health Innovation, Kerry Amato and fellow industry co-hosts have timely discussions with changemakers and disruptors who are walking the cutting edge of healthcare, shaping the health tech industry in new and innovative ways. Featured co-hosts include Robert Havasy, Managing Director of PCHAlliance and Senior Director of Connected Health at HIMSS, and Indu Subaiya, President of Catalyst and Senior Advisor to HIMSS
Accelerate Nursing Informatics - Part 2 (of 3)Accelerate Nursing Informatics - Part 1 (of 3)
In this episode, we begin a three-part exploration of Nursing Informatics as a career and a profession. The series begins with Dr. Angela Ross interviewing Dr. Nelita Iuppa about her career path and trajectory in nursing informatics. Health and medical informatics is the science of how to use data, information, and knowledge to improve human health and the delivery of health care services. Both Dr. Ross and Dr. Iuppa are members of the HIMSS Nursing Informatics Community Steering Committee.This series is intended to highlight the roles of informaticists in clinical care and highlight the critical need for informaticists as healthcare continues its digital transformation. Nurse informaticists play a critical role in healthcare's digital transformation, continuing their traditional role as the primary human interface between patients and the rest of the healthcare system. No other career offers an opportunity to so directly apply technology in a compassionate and patient-centered way.Dr. Iuppa begins by reminding us that, while technology can be learned, nurse informaticists bring their clinical skills and compassion to their roles in ways that other informaticists can't. Dr. Iuppa describes her education and the path she took to her current role, including early formal education that laid a foundation for building her career. She discusses the role of mentors and mentoring, and how important it is to care for the colleagues around you.The episode concludes with a discussion of some of the challenges that nurses can face in an informatics career and also the joys of having a dual role in the exciting frontier of technology alongside the traditional caring role that nurses everywhere fill.
Dec 17 2021
42 mins
Accelerate Conversational Agents - With Israel Krush, CEO of Hyro.ai
In this episode, host Rob Havasy speaks with Israel Krush, the co-founder and CEO of Hyro.ai, a company producing AI-based conversation agent technology. Hyro was a featured company in the HIMSS 21 startup showcase, but came to Rob's attention when he saw a large sign at the Hyro booth that said, "Chatbots Suck!" Intrigued, he struck up a conversation and this interview is the ultimate result.The interview begins with a founder's lesson in managing complexity as Israel discusses standardizing their model around one single EHR system with the right integration points, rather than struggling to manage complex integrations while also trying to perfect conversation AI technology.The conversation then turns to the evolution of conversation agent tech - from its early research in the first part of the 2000s to its growing deployment in call centers today. Part of this is understanding the role of emotions in guiding the outcome of human-to-human conversations versus human-to-machine conversations, including the understanding that chatbots, by and large, are focused on a task and aren't distracted or swayed by emotional connections to the callers they interact with.The conversation winds up by taking a look at how COVID not only changed the demand for tools like conversation agents among hospitals but whether or not changing workforce pressures have made permanent changes to the market dynamics. Then about how hospitals can use effective and efficient agents to demonstrate to patients that they have competent IT systems. And it ends with an anecdote about what voice styles might prove to be more effective in real lif use.
Oct 20 2021
34 mins
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