It’s Finally Happening: Tornado Has the Feels for Sam Yoo on LAB愛回家之開心速遞

HK Happy Hour 一齊八: 港視講非

Nov 12 2022 • 10 mins

If all of the Tornado x Sum Yoo stans could meet up and celebrate, it prolly be the most lit party and gets featured on @tvbcomhk  Aysa can finally cross off her checklist and be content with this pair coming to light. Aysa would not be Aysa if she didn’t have her own ideas on how they can pair this couple up into the LAB ecosystem for longevity.

The million-dollar question do you want their storyline to unfold? Do you see any obstacles coming their way?

No episode on the week of November 21 (Thankgiving week). Aysa will finally head back to SoCal and will be spending time with friends and family.

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