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Enlighten Millionaire Podcast releases weekly episodes! EMP is about how anyone can look and leverage opportunities in life to create success in their life with an abundance mindset. Listen in to the incredible stories as J Flow interviews entrepreneurs, investors and people from all walks of life and how they were able to pivot from different challenges to success. The purpose of the podcast series is to be the guide and show how others can find the path to living a life of true abundance and inspiring at least 1,000,000 Enlighten Millionaires.

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Meet David Stankunas, a serial entrepreneur in Los Angeles who created many different businesses from the ground up. Listen in to his incredible story as he pivots from one business to another capturing opportunities and leveraging them. He started a business on creating and selling Poker Bling during the Texas Hold 'em Poker Tournament craze that helped him quit his job to becoming an full blown entrepreneur. Eventually he started an apparel business learning the ins and outs of branding, marketing and retail to ultimately land on Shark Tank.Transcript: David Stankunas  00:00I didn't get on Shark Tank until several, seven or eight years later, after I launched BeardHead. Hard work and motivation is the biggest thing. If you are motivated to work hard, you're going to probably succeed over talent or intelligence or resources. Hard work is the most important thing. J Flow  00:23Welcome, everyone, to the Enlighten Millionaire podcast. Today, we have a special guest, David, all the way from Los Angeles. And so David, if you could share, what is something that most people know about you? And what is something that a lot of people don't know about you? David Stankunas  00:41Well, I guess most people will know that I have my own business. I've been an entrepreneur for more than a decade now. Something that they might not have known as I started out with a corporate job. Just as a communications consultant for years out of college, spent a fair amount of time there. It took a little while before actually jumping out and off on my own and starting businesses. J Flow  01:04Amazing. I would love to dive into that transition a little bit more. But let's go way back. What was your childhood like? Where did you grow up? Where do you go to school? David Stankunas  01:14So childhood, I grew up in the Bay Area, San Jose, Saratoga, in California, upper middle class, I guess. Both my parents are engineers, I have one sister, it was a very privileged life, I would say. I was afforded love, opportunities. I didn't have to really worry about trouble at home, or you know, are we going to be able to pay rent? View full transcript here: https://www.enlightenmillionaire.com/emp-david-stankunas-transcript
Feb 20 2022
36 mins
Building Legacy Wealth Meet CEO Manal Fakhoury
Meet Dr. Manal Fakhoury, CEO of Vestech Partners, has a strong business intuition and has managed multimillion dollar budgets after escaping from a war torn country as a child. Listen to Manal's story of coming to America, adjusting to go into consulting for the pharmaceutical industry to earning her MBA with the title Most Outstanding Business Student Award. She ultimately became a successful CEO teaching people how to build legacy wealth Manal has been recognized with many professional and community awards including Pharmacist of the Year, Person of the Year, Business Women of the Year, Communicator or the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Webster’s Distinguished Alumni Award, and United Way Community Service Award.Manal  00:00This whole breakthrough of you know, private equity and teaching people and being an educator and empowering people to know that they can use their money to be able to invest, and to have the some safeguards and guardrails to, you know, some of the things that we learn, you know, like, you know, having the best in the industry, aligning yourself with the best that happens on the game, the inverse risk, reward the allocation, you know, reducing taxes. It's teaching people and empowering them.J Flow  00:33Welcome to the Enlighten Millionaire podcast, Dr. Manal Fakhoury. Welcome to the show. How's it going?Manal  00:40Great. How are you? J Flow  00:41Amazing, I'm so grateful and excited to have you here as a special guest. You know, as we're growing up, like there's, at times that thing that we want to be that dream that we want to become, I know your incredible entrepreneur, CEO, managing multi million dollars, you have over 30 years of service of for profit and nonprofit from all over. From TEDx, and just serving all over the world. But before we get to there, I want to start all the way back. Where did it all begin for you?View full transcript here: https://www.enlightenmillionaire.com/emp-manal-fakhoury-transcript
Feb 13 2022
1 hr 15 mins
Level Up Your Business Meet Drone Boss Damon Darnall
Meet Damon Darnall aka The Drone Boss. Currently, Damon is the President at Sky Eye Network, Premier Network of Professional Drone Operators all over the world. Damon started being an entrepreneur at the age of 5 selling Hot Wheels through selling, trading, and obtaining commission for his first business. Listen to how Damon took a gap semester from college to kick-start his drone business and made the pivot to follow his calling. Now, he's embarking on the path to influence 1000 people to become millionaires in the next 5 years.Transcript: Damon Darnall  00:00If you don't enjoy it, you're not going to do it long term. You can make yourself do anything but it's not going to be long term. And it has to have some learning and growing, which I think pretty much anything does. Whether you're looking at racing little stupid Toy Drones, because there's always up leveling, there's always the competition. There's always you can tweak this or do this and you're always looking for one little thing, you know, or whether it's business or up leveling your relationship or up leveling your health or something. I think there's always you can always learn and grow and be open to that.J Flow  00:30Welcome to the Enlighten Millionaire Podcast with Damon Darnall, what's up, Damon, welcome to the Flow Show.Damon Darnall  00:37Hey, J Flow, it's great to be here. Excited to get to talk to you and unpack all the amazing stuff we're gonna be going through.J Flow  00:45I am so grateful you taking your time and energy to share your story, your journey of how you became the drone boss, right? So before all of that, like before the network that you created helping teach 10s of 1000s of people. I want to go all the way back.  Back to when you were a child. And what was that dream for you growing up? Did you have like a vision or goal when you were a child?Damon Darnall  01:10Yeah, I did. I mean, I think all kids, you know, we have this incredible ability to dream and we don't have limits on it. I think as we get older, we then learn to give up or crush those dreams down and stifle them and not give them power. But I think that the driving force, I think what sets entrepreneurs apart is they hang on to that desire in that dream a little more than other people. They don't give it up as as easily.View full transcript here: https://www.enlightenmillionaire.com/emp-damon-darnell-transcript
Feb 6 2022
1 hr 6 mins
Med School Path to Marketing Innovator Meet Mouneeb Shahid
Meet Mouneeb Shahid, an extraordinary digital marketer, who helps serve hundreds of businesses to strengthen their innovation and visioning through education and implementation Listen to how Mouneeb grew up with his parents' expectation of going into Medical Science, he pivoted to follow his heart and interest in computer programming, then joining his the Chamber of Commerce to network, and build his business of marketing to impact hundreds of companies.Mouneeb Shahid  00:00Motivation is important. And all factors like belief and so forth are important. But it's really important to have the discipline because I think without discipline, you know, nothing can really get done. Consistency is really the key to success. I mean, you have to consistently continue to perform the tasks that you need to be able to perform, to achieve the success that you desire. So discipline plays an extremely important role over there. It's one of the key recipes to success of any form.Transcript:J Flow  00:28Welcome to the enlighten Millionaire podcast. Mouneeb Shahid. What's up, brother? Mouneeb Shahid  00:34Thank you for having me, James. J Flow  00:35Thank you so much for joining us. You know, I know you're a digital pioneer in marketing services, and helping empower entrepreneurs with their passion and teaching them about digital marketing. But before we get into all that, and all that, because you've been doing it for since 2004. Right? And so before we get into all that, I like to start all the way back. Right, when you were just a kid growing up, where did you grew up? And what was your dream? What was that thing for you growing up?Mouneeb Shahid  01:05I was the only child in my family. So there was a lot of attention, you know, that I took from my family as a result of being the only child, I guess it's one of the perks, but it also, I was to myself a lot when I was growing up. I had this passion of being able to connect and socialize with the friends that I had at the time. Based on my background, I wanted to really get out there and make as many friends as possible because I don't have any brothers or sisters. Initiated the salesperson within me at the time.View full transcript here: https://www.enlightenmillionaire.com/emp-mouneeb-shahid-transcript
Jan 30 2022
44 mins
From Child Actor to Crypto Tech Founder Meet Josh Berger
Meet Josh Berger, Founders of Packet and Packet Coin (an open source digital technology that's created by the people for the people). Listen to how Josh took the travel and redefine his model of education than following the college provided model and traveled to South Africa to experience the perspective of empathy with his mentor. Learn how Josh honed into the energy of empowering the masses to create wealth as he leaped into entrepreneurship.Josh Berger  00:00If you could fail, doing things that you don't want, then you might as well take a chance and do what you love. There's nothing wrong with failure. You have to fail because you learned so much from your failures. But having that resilience to get back up and that passion to move forward, I think it's just the most important piece of life and especially entrepreneurism.J Flow  00:28Welcome to the enlighten Millionaire podcast with Josh burger. What's up, Josh? How's it going?Josh Berger  00:33It's going great. How you doing?J Flow  00:36Welcome. I am doing very well, thank you so much for joining us. I am so grateful for your time and energy and you coming to share your story. For those of you who don't know, Josh is out creating impact in the world. He's one of the founders of Packet and also Packet Coin, an open source digital technology that's created by the people for the people. But before we get into all that, I'd like to start all the way back. Where did it all start for you, Josh? Can you remember a time when, let's say you were young? And you had this dream? What was that for you growing up?Josh Berger  01:13Honestly, when I was young, my mom always said that I would change the world. It's a lot of pressure to put on a kid. But I always really took that to heart. And so yeah, I think through my whole life, and through my whole career, through my aspirations, I really wanted to impact the world in a positive way. And that really started in the film business. I started in radio when I was six, and I joined the Union when I was eight.J Flow  01:39Okay, wait, wait, wait. You started in the radio business when you were six years old? How did how did that opportunity come about?Josh Berger  01:47Yeah, my aunt was a casting director for radio. And I think she was a little lazy, because she just hired all of her grandkids, or all of her nieces and nephews to do it. But I really loved it. And I kind of started my first career when I was a little kid, just doing radio. And I just love to be part of that and create and be creative. And that led into acting and then that led into wanting to create stories that I was passionate about. And that led to writing. And then once I...J Flow  02:21Woah, woah, woah. I want to unpack that a little bit more. As a six year old, what was the radio show about? What was the intention behind it. And just as a six year old, what was the meaning that you gave to that?Read full transcript here: https://www.enlightenmillionaire.com/emp-josh-berger-transcript
Jan 23 2022
1 hr 3 mins
Dot-com Bubble Burst to Podcast Magazine, Meet Steve OlsherHow Door Knocking Changed My Life Meet Phi DoWinning Small First is Key to Success Meet Nick KinportsEscaped Vietnam to Epigenetics Doctor Meet Dr. Kien Vuu
Meet Dr. Kien Vuu who is one of the top anti-aging physicians in the country as he shares how his parents gave up everything and fled by Vietnam by boat for 8 months and being the only infant who survived all in pursuit of the American dream. Listen in on this incredible podcast as he shares his journey and how he overcame bullying and difficult obstacles as an immigrant who eventually becomes a Epigenetics doctor.At his VuuMD Longevity and Performance Clinic, Dr. Vuu regularly works with celebrities, top corporate executives, and high-functioning professionals to optimize their health, performance, and vitality.#EnlightenMillionaire #Doctor #PodcastKien Vuu  00:00I pick up the chart for a patient that I'm supposed to see next. And I see on the chart, it says a 43 year old man terminal pancreatic cancer, and I'm supposed to drain 10 liters of fluid from his belly. What I expected to see was this guy full of despair. But in comes Ishmael looked me straight in the eye. "Hey, Doc, how are you? Man? Thank you so much for doing this today. I'm so excited to get this done. Man, I look like a watermelon donor". And so he's joking. He's full of love. But I remember asking him, "Ishmael, you know, how are you so positive now?". And he says, "You know, Dr. Vuu, it's easy. But it wasn't always this easy. I didn't always used to be like this. I always used to be angry, and couldn't control my emotional states. But this cancer has sort of given me a gift. And the gift they gave me was, it reminded me I always have a choice of how I show up every day. That's the one thing I have control of, I may not control of what happens with his cancer. But I have a choice of how I show up. And I choose to show up with joy with love and with gratitude". View full transcript here: https://www.enlightenmillionaire.com/emp-kien-vuu-transcript
Dec 19 2021
1 hr 1 min
Engineer to YouTube Gamer Pattycakes Meet Patrick ConleyBullied to Boss Millionaire Business Coach Meet Christian Mickelsen
Meet Christian Mickelsen who started from nothing to become a millionaire coach. Christian witnessed his parents divorce at an early age, he thought as a child money would solve all his problems. Before finding his roots in entrepreneurship, he would get bullied and fired from job after job. His mindset on personal development and persistency empowered him to become a multi millionaire business coach who is on a mission to heal the world. Timestamp:  4:58 Christian witnessing his parents' divorce at a young age that led to his perspective on money4:59 Christian talks about his student teaching experience in college about yelling everyday to get kids to listen19:36 Christian shares his early career experience with a difficult boss that led him to quitting his job21:57 The story of when Christian got bullied at work and caused a breakthrough for Christian to quit the job and become a coach28:05 Christian's first entrepreneurship ventures32:58 "Either it dies right here if I say no, or it lives on, and maybe it turns into something great if I say yes"37:55 How to leverage opportunities to start a business without much capital to start42:53 From coaching for free to coaching as a million dollar business46:56 Fear of being shamed50:38 Understanding the peace process54:34 Letting go the shame of not having enough money1:00:30 Entrepreneurs change the world1:03:48 Christian's book: Abundance Unleashed and free coaching tips1:07:29 Living an epic life1:11:07 Success is inevitable if you're willing to do the workView full transcript here: https://www.enlightenmillionaire.com/empchristianmickelsentranscriptAbundance Unleashed by Christian Mickelsen available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Abundance-Unleashed-Christian-Mickelsen-ebook/dp/B071GPYVB9
Dec 5 2021
1 hr 16 mins
Derral Eves: From Corporate to Youtuber Millionare
Meet Derral Eves on the Enlighten Millionaire Podcast, he is the Executive Producer and CEO of The Chosen, Partner to Mr.Beast, and YouTube consultant with billions of views. He has helped 27 Youtube channels achieve the Gold Play Button of over one million subscribers Listen in on Derral's journey and his pivotal moments, how it all started for him growing up mowing lawns to buy his first car. How Derral saved a corporation $863,000 and was forced to quit because they wouldn't give him a $10,000 raise and went on to make millions on Youtube. #Enlighten #Millionaire #Producer #CEOEpisode Timestamp3:21 Derral Eves' childhood6:26 Having a bank account at a young age11:33 Derral answers whether growing up being in a big family to prove himself or seek approval from his parents12:24 From delivering newspapers to milking cowsSee full time stamp & transcript here: https://www.enlightenmillionaire.com/emp-derral-eves-transcript TranscriptDerral Eves  00:00A student that I mentor and she's 86 years old and loved what she what she does is amazing to see a lady in one year make well over seven figures more money than she's ever made in her whole life. Now, I think that's why I love YouTube so much. There's a lot of ideas that it's just for the young people, and there's always an opportunity. It doesn't matter how unique it is. There's a community for everyone. There's content for everyone. Enlighten Millionaire Podcast  00:26Welcome to the Enlighten Millionaire podcast with special guests Derral Eves. What's up, Derral. Derral Eves  00:33Hey, I am excited to be here. Enlighten Millionaire Podcast  00:35I am so excited and grateful for you taking the time and energy to share your journey. For those of you don't know, Derral, is a Wall Street Journal best selling author with a YouTube Formula. Having taken over 27 channels from zero to a million subscribers earning that gold button generating 68 billion views on YouTube alone. And over 22 billion views on Facebook, inspiring YouTube creators all over the world for net positive impact. He's the executive producer of The Chosen with over 378 million views with the purpose to inspire over 1 billion people. Welcome to the Flow Show, Derral. Derral Eves  01:19I'm excited to be here, for sure. Enlighten Millionaire Podcast  01:22Excited to have you. And before we get into all that, I like to start all the way back? Where did it all start for you? Derral Eves  01:32Well, at birth, of course, Come on No, come from a pretty big family. I'm one of 10 kids and family is pretty much everything for me. And it started with an amazing mom and dad and siblings to match for sure. And I think my journey on just understanding hard work and having things pay off started with my dad, he owned a couple companies incent general contractor and did a lot of development. So I was always seeing hard work and you know, things that he was project that he was working on. But my dad is a big believer that you got to pull your own weight.
Nov 29 2021
1 hr 38 mins