Build Your Gardening Confidence the Seedy Way

The Gardenangelists

Jan 11 2023 • 46 mins

This week, Dee and Carol discuss the flower and vegetable seeds they'll be starting indoors, a new book on botany, and other gardening topics.

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Some links:

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On the Bookshelf:
A Gardener’s Guide to Botany by Scott Zona, Phd (Amazon Link)

World’s Hottest Pepper! Mike Rowe Battles Carolina Reaper Seeds! | Dirty Jobs

A few other links:
Seed Savers Exchange

Horticulture Week Podcastcr (from the UK)

Carol’s Family Handyman article on deciphering tomato seed and plant labels

Craig LeHoullier’s website, author of Epic Tomatoes

The usual links:

Affiliate link to Botanical Interest Seeds.  Book links are also affiliate links.

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