Nothing About Gardening is Quick

The Gardenangelists

Nov 23 2022 • 42 mins

This week, we talked about planning in the garden for both flowers and vegetables, another new cookbook, and we cut into the topic of pruners.

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It's time to plan for next year's garden - Red Dirt Ramblings®


Using a Trello board to plan and track your garden.
Our old episode about how to grow a basic summer vegetable garden

On the bookshelf: The Apricot Lane Farms Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from the Biggest Little Farm, by Molly Chester with Sarah Owens (Amazon link)

Some Dirt:

Cutting Edge Technology: History of Seceuters

Favorite pruners today:  This set of little pruners and shears. Of course, you can’t go wrong with Felcos, but make sure to try the different sizes.  And Dee loves her Dramm pruners.

Dee’s Rabbit Hole: La Pitchoune: Cooking in France - Official Trailer | Magnolia Network

Carol’s post about forcing Lily of the Valley into bloom, 1897 style

And the usual stuff:

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