Life-Changing Results Discovered In Unusual Places With Dating Coach, Lori Mendelsohn


Dec 21 2022 • 32 mins

Do you want to change your dating life and are looking for love - then change your location! Or you could drive to your closest city and change the radius onyour dating app, try out a new neighborhood hot spot, or do what this week’s guest Lori Mendelsohn did. Lori Mendelsohn packed up her two dogs at age 66 and moved from Wisconsin to Maine. As a result of this bold and brave move, she started dating someone new and tripled her business. Lori shares how changing her environment changed everything for her. We’ll discuss the many ways you can change it up to change your results, whether that means moving or doing something on a smaller scale, like picking up a new hobby, enrolling in a class, or trying out new technology (such as a new app) to meet people. Lori also discusses how focusing on herself works for her, and loving her new location doesn’t hurt either.

Lori Mendelsohn is a matchmaker, dating coach, Dating profile writer, and an award-winning entrepreneur. She writes unique profiles that help you tell your story by adding personality, heart, and humor to stand out from the rest. When Lori writes, you find love. People resonate with her because she is in the dating game herself and has met many terrific men. Today we catch up with her to hear what she’s learned about love by relocating.

Kerry Brett and Lori Mendelsohn cover a lot of ground topics, including;
How relocating got Lori out of a rut and improved her love life and business.
Why it’s important to live in the present moment when it comes to finding love.
If you are afraid to get out of your comfort zone, remember you are your safety net and the only one you can truly count on.
If you want to change, be the change you want to be.
Do away with preconceived notions, release any expectations about meeting a person, and try to enjoy the moment without attachment to the outcome.

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