Fully Booked EP57: Exploring the Craft of Multi-Genre Fiction Writing

Fully Booked: The Hidden Gems Author Podcast

Feb 16 2023 • 45 mins

In this episode of Fully Booked, Craig and Roland sit down with Gothic Suspense author London Clarke to talk about the world of multi-genre fiction writing. Clarke, who has made a name for herself by seamlessly blending elements of horror, romance, and suspense in her work, shares her insights on the challenges and opportunities that come with this unique approach to storytelling. She discusses how she manages to keep the different genres cohesive and how she balances the demands of each one in her writing.

London also talks about the upsides and downsides of this approach, and how she built a following and connected with readers by remaining true to her storytelling vision. The conversation takes a deep dive into the creative process and the inspirations behind Clarke's work, as well as the hurdles she has faced along the way and how she overcame them.

London Clarke https://www.londonclarke.com/

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