The Jubal Show

The Jubal Show

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Our Editor's Take

Stand-up comedian Jubal Fresh and his wife Alex Fresh host The Jubal Show. This podcast offers insight into hot topics most hosts might avoid. A blend of comedy and chat, this show is for audiences seeking inside details on gossip. If there's a piece of gossip out there that everyone is talking about, this is the show that tries to get to the bottom of it.

The recurring segments are just as fun. In The War of the Roses segments, they name and shame suspected cheaters. Who else can listeners call if they suspect their loved one of cheating? And if someone has ever ghosted a listener following a first date, this is the show to find out what happened. Jubal and Alex Fresh will call up the person in question and ask them to share details and explanations. Audiences can expect a lot of awkward moments on the show. There have even been episodes of a First Date Follow-Up to find out if first-date couples had a second date.

For even more memorable moments, listeners can nominate friends for live phone pranks. These never fail to be awkward and entertaining. Plus, listeners get to discover Dirty Little Secrets from complete strangers. This podcast runs every weekday, so there's always a new dose of fun to enjoy. Audiences can hear new and old episodes of The Jubal Show on Amazon Music now.

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