What The EXPERTS Do Not TELL Us about Data Protection ? Part 8 Jen GDPR House

The Data Protection and Privacy Podcast

Feb 28 2020 • 22 mins

Jen House  CEO of On Track GDPR  talks to David Clarke,
Jen is releasing  business secrets  so that GDPR/Privacy and Data Protection consultants can grow their businesses,

Jen is also leading a group of Lawyers and GDPR consultants to deliver an article 40 code of conduct.

Jen has released the 5 Day Challenge for GDPR Professionals

The 5-day Challenge is coming…09/03/2020
There were 5.9 million SMEs in 2019 that made up 99% of all UK businesses. They are not buying your GDPR compliance solutions but they need them.

Arm your consultancy business with the FREE tools to convert the notoriously tricky SME market into regular monthly revenue.

The 5-day Challenge is coming…09/03/2020

What is the 5 Day Challenge?
It's an opportunity to transform your business by taking new services to market. We'll support you to take real action and aim for real results.

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