What The EXPERTS Do Not TELL Us about Data Protection ? Part 15 Denis O'Shea, Founder of Mobile Mentor discusses their latest research on Gen Z views on Data protection and Cyber Security and how it is very different to pre pandemic.

The Data Protection and Privacy Podcast

May 2 2022 • 28 mins

Denis O'Shea, founder of Mobile Mentor. The company was named Microsoft’s 2021 Global Partner of the year for Modern Endpoint Management .Mobile Mentor is a global leader in the endpoint ecosystem, helping clients to navigate the right balance between security and employee experience.

Denis' company has just published the results of a study to understand the hybrid workforce, specifically remote workers coming out of the pandemic  https://endpointecosystem.com .  A ground breaking new study about how people are actually using devices in high-risk and highly regulated industries.  Some of the findings were very surprising he shares some of the key points in the podcast.

  • The blurred lines between work and personal devices
  • The changing attitudes of workers since the start of the pandemic.
  • Gen Z’s new role in the workforce
  • Privacy notices and GenZ
  • Cyber training and Gen Z

You can also check out Denis's website: http://www.mobile-mentor.com

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