What The EXPERTS Do Not TELL Us about Data Protection ? Part 16 Omar ElNaggar, founder and CEO of Weavechain discusses the future privacy of personal data, web 3 , decentralized science ,Privacy Data Lineage, Privacy Data brokerage.

The Data Protection and Privacy Podcast

May 15 2022 • 26 mins

Omar ElNaggar, founder and CEO of Weavechain , Weavechain brings enterprise big data to Web3. That’s impossible today because public blockchains don’t meet enterprise data governance standards, and no blockchains meet big data performance needs. Our middleware leaves the data in existing high performance databases and uses our smart hashing technology in coordination with a variety of blockchains that meet security needs. This unlocks basic Web3 benefits like tamper-proofing and built-in monetization, and connects Web2 companies to Web3 customers and more.

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