Masterclass: Utilize LinkedIn to build your business with Dawn Pici

The Authority Brand

Aug 18 2020 • 1 hr 9 mins

Today’s episode features a masterclass, led by LinkedIn expert Dawn Pici. It was taken from a recent Webinar held by Curt Mercadante, with Dawn. While the Webinar was aimed at speakers, trainers, and coaches, the advice given in today’s episode can be utilized by any type of business owner and entrepreneur to build their brand and their business.

Dawn Pici is  an expert on leveraging LinkedIn for lead generation, brand expansion and career advancement. She facilitates LinkedIn workshops both privately and in the corporate setting.

Pici is the state wide LinkedIn trainer for both Nationwide and AFLAC insurance companies and national LinkedIn trainer for the NFL (National Football League). She is co-author with her husband of the best selling book “Sell Naked on the Phone”.

To view the video of the Webinar, visit: