Raising Healthy Humans

Courtney McManus

A place for moms looking to make a difference. A weekly podcast where we discuss ways we can show up better for ourselves and our children; covering topics ranging from our own health and wellness, ways to provide a fun and healthy environment for our children, and creating a healthy and happy home.

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Introduction to Raising Healthy Humans
Ep 55: Family Camping with Kimberly from Cruisin and CampfiresEp 54.2 MS/Sit taller in your carEp 54: Parenting the Teenage Years with Kim MuenchEp: 53.2 Pick one Movement to Practice TodayEp 53: Practice Making Small Changes for Big Results with Dr WholenessEp 52.2: Feel more Centered with this One ExerciseEp 52: Undieting with Lisa KilgourEp 51.2: MS/Happy FeetEp 51: The Importance of getting barefootEp 50.2: MS/Posture & AnxietyEp 50: Gluten Free Living with Jen from Gluten Free Marcks the Spot
Today I am speaking with Jen a Gluten Free Health Coach who not only found out she had Celiac but that all 3 of her children did as well.  She does not want families to live a life discouraged or feeling deprived without gluten and is teaching you how to make Gluten Free Living a part of your life and helping you Thrive while doing so.  Today she is speaking with us about things you can start to do in your own household to help make the change less stressful.Gluten-Free living and GF baking - really can cover any issues here- adjusting, how impacts lives & families, how to . . .Introduce yourself and explain how you became a Gluten Free Health Coach-For those that need to go Gluten Free and are feeling deprived, what tips do you have for them to help look at this differently.-Do you know of any hidden terms for gluten in products?  Or products that people may not realize have gluten in them?-Even if someone isn't diagnosed with celiac is there a reason why we may prefer to learn how to cook gluten free and practice more of a gluten free lifestyle?-Recommended flours for baking Calling all Gluten-Free Friends!Do you like learning new things, meeting new friends and getting FREE gifts?Then you NEED to join us for the Online Gluten-Free Lifestyle Summit hosted by Jennifer Marcks, CEO and GF Health Coach at Gluten-Free Marcks the Spot.Top Health & Wellness Experts are ready to share insightful interviews loaded with information and strategies to help build a sustainable gluten-free life that works for you and your family.All experts will help tweak the health of your gluten-free journey moving forward, and they each have a fabulous FREE GIFT to share with you!The Summit runs through the month of May 2022.Save your spot right here: https://glutenfreemarcksthespot.com/join-the-gluten-free-summit/ Gluten Free Starter GuideEmpowered Gluten Free WomenGluten Free Marcks the Spot on PinterestGluten Free Marcks the Spot on IGor head to www.raisinghealthyhumans.com
Apr 11 2022
45 mins
Ep 49.2: MS/Check your HydrationEp 49: Don't Deprive Yourself with The Wino Coach, LaurenEp 48.2: MS/Walking and your LymphEp 48: Understanding our Bodies with SJ, The Fit Productive MumEp 47.2: MS/Fascia and Foam RollingE47: What's up with the Lymphatic System
The Lymphatic System is an organ system that is comprised of lymphoid organs and lymphatic vessels and is a part of the immune system which helps to clear toxins and waste from our tissues.They (being Scientists) have found that the lymphatic system, our nerves, and our circulatory system work more in conjunction with one another than once thought.  If you look at a picture of where the lymphatic system lies in our body it runs parallel to the circulatory system with two valves draining right below the collarbone into our circulatory system to then move through the organs and out of the body.Some of the largest areas of lymph nodes are clustered in the armpit, the groin, and the neck with everything coming back towards the heart.  Unlike the heart, the lymphatic system does not pump like the heart, therefore it relies on the squeezing movement of our muscles to move the lymph through our system along with the involuntary movement of our smooth muscles when we breathe.  The lymphatic pump becomes very active during exercise and can increase lymph flow 10 to 30 fold, while it becomes sluggish when we are at rest. The lymphatic system is our major detoxification system which collects excess toxins, bacteria, and extra fluid and proteins; provides fluid homeostasis (not collecting to much fluid in any one area), it also is one of the main routes for nutrient absorption.Signs you may have lymphatic congestion:-rings get tight on fingers or puffy fingers and toes-stiff sore and achy in the morning-lethargic, lack of energy-bloating-itchy skin, dry skin-chronic headaches-breast tendernessHow can we support our Lymphatic System:1. Move more-stagnant areas of the body from to much sitting around, so we need to get up and move as much as possible.2. Nutrient dense foods & plenty of water with electrolytes2. Foam roll-helps to push the fluids through the lymphatic system for you3. Dry Brushing4. Gua Sha stones5. Rebounding on trampoline
Mar 21 2022
18 mins
E46.2: MS/Money MovementE46: How to master your household money for family success with PamEp: 45.2 MS/Mobility & Outdoor Bingo