127 | The Power of Consistency in Achieving Weight Loss Goals

Moving through Midlife | Helping Midlife Moms Move Better, Gain Confidence, and Lose the Midsection Weight

Jan 1 2024 • 16 mins

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Are you genuinely ready to redefine your relationship with your body and your understanding of weight loss? Settle in, because that's what we're about to do. I'm Courtney, your guide, personal trainer, and movement specialist. We're going to start by asking the hard question - why do you want to lose weight? Your answer to this question will be the bedrock of your weight loss journey. Let's walk this path together, examining my Transform coaching program, where a commitment to consistency can lead to a weight loss of 1-2 pounds per week. This journey is about celebrating your body, both as it is now and as it transforms.

But remember, weight loss isn't just about the numbers on a scale. It's a lifestyle change, a shift in perspective. It's about managing stress, getting a good night's sleep, and integrating more movement and healthier eating habits into your life. We'll explore how your level of commitment can influence your weight loss, potentially ranging from half a pound to two and a half pounds per week. And to support you all the way, I'm inviting you into our free community. Here, we'll explore ways to move more, feel better, and support each other every day. So, grab your earbuds, take a leisurely walk, and let's move through midlife together.

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