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Michael Weber, leader of the rock band The Michael Weber Show, is a guitarist and so much more — studio co-owner, musical director, film composer, touring sideman, and buyer and seller of musical instruments. Actually, he's a "self-employed entrepreneur," he says, because that description encompasses his many facets including his ability to promote himself as a musician (thanks in part to his degree in advertising from Kent State University). At only 23, Michael is pretty much a veteran of the music business, having done his first professional gig while still in elementary school. At that point, he already had a band with three of his friends, and they decided to rent a venue to put on a concert. Michael, with his parents' help, served as the promoter, and after expenses, each band member took home about $100.  Not bad for a bunch of kids. Around that time, he also had the chance to play onstage with Counting Crows and learned a valuable lesson in being a more engaging performer. He took that lesson to heart and, to this day, his aim with every performance is to be the kind of entertainer who steps up on stage and sets fire to it with his energy and flash. By the way, the next time he played with Counting Crows — at the ripe old age of 12 — he was taking solos and arranging on the fly.In this episode, Michael talks about his career, his influences (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, Buddy Guy), his work with The Shadows of Knight (best known for their mid-1960s hit "Gloria"), hanging out with the Gin Blossoms at a recent gig in Wisconsin, and how he's the Love Machine. And, of course, so much more!Follow Michael's career on his website, on Facebook under his name or under The Michael Weber Show, and on Instagram.
Aug 4 2021
39 mins
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