Voices from my Bunker 2020

Pat Coakley-Writer/Photographer/Mixed Media

“Voices from my Bunker 2020” is a series of interviews with all ages of people of what 2020 has been like for them.  This is a rebranded podcast that used to be named, "PODSNACKS/Art of the Diet" but the first six months of 2020 has shifted my preoccupations from five years of weight maintenance to minute by minute sanity maintenance. Attention must be paid to the issues before me. I'm 75, live in Massachusetts, and my doorbell hasn't rung in 5 months and probably won't until there's a vaccine. My hair has its own zip code and I look like the Unibomber when captured in his Montana cabin. None of which interferes with my ability, thankfully, to ask questions over a Skype connection. I'll be recording interviews until the election on Nov 3, 2020. If he is reelected, look only for my obit. read less
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