Episode 71: Bia Valle’s Bilingual Clubhouse and Flipboard

Flipboard EDU Podcast

Jul 7 2022 • 35 mins

Bia Valle is not a  traditional classroom teacher by trade but her classroom on Clubhouse is one of the most innovative ideas I have seen on that platform. While most people use Clubhouse to try to sell or market themselves, Bia Valle has been using it to teach emerging bilinguals to practice their English. People from around the world tune into Clubhouse and practice speaking and listening skills and then curate Flipboard magazines.

Her rooms are trendy in countries that are hungry to practice English as a second language exercising speaking and listening skills. Bia is however an avid Flipboard user like myself and she requires her students to create, curate and share Flipboard magazines. What better way to collaborate with adults than to use Flipboard’s curation tools? She masterfully conducts her classroom, even empowering several of her students to host the Clubhouse room while she moderates.

Bia then allows students to collaborate on group magazines, sharing important aspects of their own cultures as they learn English. Bia manages her community with themes and other events as students gain cross-cultural awareness while learning. It's an amazing event to witness and be a part of.

In this episode, we discuss Bia’s passion for Flipboard, how she uses it as a learning management system with various students, and her class on Clubhouse.

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