Andrew Schmidt

A Podcast collection of sermons and more from Celebrate Church in Knoxville, Iowa.

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So You've Heard... Week 5
So You've Heard... Week 5So You've Heard... Week 4"So You've Heard..." Week 3"So You've Heard..." Week 2So You've Heard... Week 1- AngerEaster Sunday 2022An Honest Answer- Week 3An Honest Answer: Week 2An Honest Answer: Week 1Gathering to Go: In PracticeGathering To Go: Klayton KorverGathering To Go: When There's ConflictGathering to Go: Appointing and ReportingGathering To GoGathering to Go: Share the Gospel MessageGathering To Go: Help People To See What They Can't SeeGathering to Go: For ConversionsGathering to Go: As BridgebuildersGathering to Go: With Clear VisionGathering To Go Intro