Visiting the Presidents

Joe Faykosh

Visiting the Presidents takes listeners through the birthplaces, homes, gravesites, libraries, and other historical sites associated with the Presidents of the United States. Join Dr. Joe Faykosh as we explore the childhoods, lives, loves, careers, and deaths of these presidents through the sites that were touched by them. read less

Our Editor's Take

Visiting the Presidents is about the presidents of the United States and the locations integral to their stories. Host Dr. Joe Faykosh is a history professor at Central Arizona College. Each season of the podcast is about a type of location. Season one focuses on each president's birthplace. Season two is about iconic presidential homes. In season three, the podcast visits the gravesites of deceased presidents. Faykosh provides detailed accounts of these locations in each episode. He also examines each president's history, politics, and family life.

Seasons one and two of Visiting the Presidents begin with George Washington. He was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and the country's first president. Both seasons end with episodes on Joe Biden, the 47th US president. Faykosh visits Pope's Creek, Virginia, in the podcast's premiere episode. Pope's Creek is the birthplace of Washington. In the episode, Faykosh tells the story of Washington's formative years. These include tales about his childhood, education, and early career. Faykosh also explains how the National Park Service has preserved Washington's birthplace. In another season one episode, Faykosh visits Abraham Lincoln's Kentucky birthplace. Lincoln was the 16th US President and the first to have been born in the area once known as the American West.

In season two, Faykosh visits the president's most famous homes. He examines Donald Trump's property portfolio in an episode. He discusses the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and the Bedminster estate in Manhattan. In the podcast's season two episode on Bill Clinton, Faykosh visits Chappaqua, New York. The Clintons moved there in 1999, toward the end of Clinton's presidency.

Faykosh visits each place he discusses on the podcast. He posts photographs of his visits on its companion website. Visiting the Presidents may interest fans of history and American politics. It may also intrigue people who enjoy learning about the Presidents of the United States. During each season, new episodes are available every other week.

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