Erin Witte - Championing Consumer Rights in the Automotive World

AutoInsiders with Ray Shefska

Nov 6 2023 • 52 mins

Join Ray Shefska as he delves deep into the journey of Erin Witte, the Director of Consumer Protection for the Consumer Federation of America. From her early days as a gas station attendant and navigating her way through college parties to her transformative journey into law school, Erin's path is a testament to resilience and determination.
Discover how Erin transitioned from the courtroom, litigating against predatory business practices, to the halls of Congress, lobbying for consumer rights. Who was the pivotal figure that steered her towards a life of advocacy? And how does she tackle the challenges posed by car dealerships and their often-questionable tactics?
In this engaging 60-minute episode, Erin not only shares her personal and professional journey but also offers insights into how everyday consumers can join the fight for fairer practices  when buying a car.  And she even has a tangible way for listeners to make a difference. Tell NADA: Support the FTC’s Auto Dealer Rule and Stop Ripping Consumers Off with Fake Deals, Hidden Junk Fees, and Misleading Advertising Now!

To learn more about Erin's advocacy work and her initiatives, visit the Consumer Federation of America's website