Kimberly Kline - From Finance Manager to Consumer Advocate

AutoInsiders with Ray Shefska

Oct 29 2023 • 55 mins

Join Ray Shefska as he delves deep into the world of automotive finance with Kimberly Kline, a seasoned expert with over 15 years of experience across multi-brand dealerships. Kimberly's journey is a captivating tale of resilience, adaptability, and a burning desire to make a difference. From braving hurricane-force winds in a glass showroom to mastering the art of quick meals to serve customers better, her anecdotes from the dealership floor are both enlightening and entertaining.

But it's not just about the past. Kimberly's transition from the finance office to consumer advocacy is a testament to her commitment to transparency and fairness in the auto industry. She shares insider insights on reading contracts, understanding back-end financing, and some of the less-than-honest practices she's witnessed. Through her platform, Auto Finance Sense, she aims to shed light on the often-overlooked second part of the deal - the dealership finance office. Her mission? To ensure car buyers navigate this crucial stage with confidence, knowledge, and eyes wide open.

Many buyers, under Kimberly's guidance, have left with not just a car but a better understanding of their credit, insights on improving it, and the tools to navigate their auto loan journey. Her innate desire to help has always been evident, and now she gets to channel this passion full-time.

Beyond her professional achievements, get a glimpse into Kimberly's personal world. From her love for watercolor illustrations aimed at boosting confidence to her innate ability to tap into the world beyond the veil, her multifaceted personality shines through. Not to forget her role as a proud mom, her love for nature, and her penchant for a good cup of coffee.

Tune in for a riveting conversation that blends industry insights with personal stories, painting a holistic picture of a woman on a mission to bring about positive change in the automotive world.