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Dr. Jessie Cheung

The core message of Cheung Chat is “Confidence is Sexy.” This show focuses on sexual health and wellness and helps you achieve your internal and external goals through my guidance and information on non-invasive medical procedures, discussing sexual health and all the topics that relate to it. Cheung Chat is a forum for both women and men to discuss their most sensitive body issues. Whether it be wanting to explore vaginal rejuvenation or wanting to know what could be a solution for erectile dysfunction, the lines are open and I am listening and waiting to give my advice and encouragement. Since I am a licensed dermatologist, I am an expert on skin, and we have skin everywhere including the most private areas of our bodies that we don’t typically like to talk about. I want to help you feel more comfortable talking about your body, your skin, and all of your sexual health issues.
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Cheung Chat 08/28/19
Aug 28 2019
56 mins
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