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Teletext 50: The History of the first 50 years
4d ago
Teletext 50: The History of the first 50 years
Teletext50: The Stories A Byte High No Limit / illarterate co-production   In 1974, a brand new technology called teletext was being rolled out. It would, over the next few decades, have far-reaching implications, not only in the UK but worldwide.   These are the stories of those involved in the production, restoration and art of the blocky medium that graced UK TV screens until 2012. You’ll hear from the pioneers, those who made teletext tick, and the newcomers keeping the medium alive 50 years after its inception.   This is a social record of teletext, and these are the teletext people. Sonic credits Sound effects courtesy Pixabay “Seesaw” by Aretha Franklin, cover by Pixelblip “Tip Toes” by Myuu  “Waltz For a Cat” by MondayHopes “Wicked Annabella” by The Kinks, cover by Pixelblip “Jumping Jack Flash” by The Rolling Stones, cover by Pixelblip “The Ballad of Sir Clive Sinclair” by Mr Biffo  “The Wozniak Song” by Mr Biffo  “Ambient Classical Guitar” by William King  “Dance Off” by All-rights-reserved  “Long Hot Summer” by the Jimi Hendrix Experience, cover by Pixelblip “Resistance” by Gvidon  “Orange Juice on the Table” by MondayHopes “Cognoscenti vs Intelligentsia” by The Cuban Boys (light mashup)  “Road to Nowhere” by Grand Project  “A Villain’s Redemption” by Katzen Tupas  “Bossa Nova Dreams” by HD-Studio  “Clock Cracker” by Caboose  “Road Rash” by Octosound “Heroes” by David Bowie, cover by Pixelblip  “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me” by Elton John, cover by Pixelblip    The Teletext People Carl Attrill (Episode presenter) Mort Smith (Ceefax, Intelfax) Julie Morton-Smith (Intelfax) Ian Irving (Ceefax, Intelfax) Colin McIntyre (Ceefax) - via archive interview from Channel 4 Steve Rosenberg (Intelfax, Russian Teletext, BBC) Gareth Herincx (ORACLE) Graham Lovelace (Ceefax, Teletext Ltd) Paul Rose (Teletext Ltd) Sara-Scott Rivers (Teletext Ltd, Videotron, Datasolve) John Earls (Teletext Ltd) Ricardo Autobahn (The Cuban Boys) Ian Westbrook (Ceefax, BBC News) Paul B Davis (VBI Microtel) Dan Farrimond (Teletext Artist, Episode Editor) Jason Robertson (The Teletext Archaeologist) Alistair Cree (ZXNet browser-based teletext editor) James Domestic (artist) Count Binface (Space Politician) Nathan Dane (NMS Ceefax) Additional clips courtesy   BBC, ITV, WFLD Channel 32, Teletext Holidays, Peter Kay Live at the Top of the Tower, Q Radio, Hit n’ Run Misc.   Eleven Labs (synthesised voices) All interviews from Teletext People by Byte High No Limit Steve Horsley Teletext Holidays segment from the Teletextr Podcast Colin McIntyre Interview courtesy Channel 4 Timecodes   0:00 ACT 1: Ceefax, the world’s first teletext service (Beginnings) 1974-1980 15:22 Teletext expands abroad (Keyfax and Russian teletext) 1980-1992 26:29 ORACLE, the UK’s other teletext service (Debbie’s Diary) 1992 31:15 ACT 2: Deregulation (launch of Teletext Ltd) 1992-1993 40:13 Digitiser and sick worms 1993-2003 47:25 Teletext Holidays 1993-2009 51:30 Emergence of the Web and Interactive TV 1993-1999 59:07 Princess Diana 1997 1:04:17 The Music Men: Planet Sound  1:11:15 Teletext sports and the Ceefax Striker 1:13:50 The end of teletext in the UK 2009-2012 1:18:06 ACT 3: Teletext rises again! Teletext art 2005-2015 1:25:58 Hidden teletext (teletext recovery) 2010- 1:30:46 Recreating teletext (Ceefax for the 21st Century) 2016-2024 1:39:50 Teletext today 2024 1:43:21 Tributes & memories
Joe Banks - Disinformation, Poet of Noise
Sep 26 2023
Joe Banks - Disinformation, Poet of Noise
Joe Banks, producer of the art project Disinformation, has been working with Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio since the mid nineteen-nineties. His installations have been exhibited and performed worldwide and been shown on national TV & radio stations including Sky TV and BBC Radio Four. His challenging investigations into Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) demonstrate the mind’s conscious and unconscious working in a conflicting synergy. In this episode Joe speaks to me and my excellent co-host and inspiration, Leila Johnston about how early experiences propelled him towards the sonic voyage of the Disinformation project, his family and future projects.   Warning- this show does contain some loud noises, headphone users beware! This show contains the following extracts, in appearance order: 0'50: “National Grid” by Disinformation 1996 to 1999 1'20: Hari Kunzru on Sky TV 1999 5'24: “Electric Skies” Channel 4 “Equinox” 1994 6'50: “Stargate” by Disinformation 1996 13'00: “National Grid” by Disinformation, live in Moscow 28 Sept 2000 * 20'34: “Kwaidan, Part 3” by Disinformation 2002 (from the “Sense & Data Perception” CD 2005) 30'41: “Sine Wave Speech - Psychoacoustics Demonstration” by Disinformation 19 July 2014 42'50: “Martelsham Heath” by Disinformation, exhibited at Domo Baal gallery Nov 2017 50'33: “Language [as] Meta Technology” by Disinformation Nov 2018, remixed July 2021 1'10'50: “Sound Mirrors” aka “Blackout” soundtrack by Disinformation 1997 * “National Grid - Live in Moscow” features saxophonists Mike Walter and Andy Knight on YouTube @C4eye   theme Byte High no Limit - Mr Niceness or YouTube @MrNissness   Join the Discord Contact me @teletextR on X Buy me a Ko-Fi   Leila's Hack Circus Podcast is definitely worth a listen