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BonkTable Podcast EP18 Podcasters Assemble
Jan 12 2024
BonkTable Podcast EP18 Podcasters Assemble
Welcome to a Episode 18 of the BonkTable Podcast Where Mass and Cassandra talk with a ton of content creators on the BonkTable discord about their thoughts on Conquest The Last Argument of Kings in 20223.Liam from Millennial Model Mayhem Shepherd from Rovert Shepherd from Just Roll Ones Chinchilla From Chanting Conquest from Competent Conquest around In Eä from Field Commander from Brave Humans with Sticks From Love and Wargaming @loveandwargames  Cass are also starting up a discord server for anyone who wants to join us and talk about Conquest or any other miniature wargames people play. can also find this podcast anywhere where you listen to Podcasts check out our YouTube channel for Battle Reports and Lore readings. and art from Nicolette NuyttenTwitter and Instagram are @LibraryNii Website