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Four podcasters board a space ship supplied by the SpaceX program. They travel through an anomaly and find themselves bouncing from planet to planet each of which has been inspired by Earth's own pop culture influences. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/podcast42show/support

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A Proper Kidnapping (Double Dare)
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It's our fourth annual Creepypasta Theater, where we take horror stories that are passed around the internet, and turn them into radio plays. This year we are featuring the stories: "MILF" - 8 Mile Lost Copy - BEACH BOIS HIDDEN ALBUM; FROWN - Jeff the Potato - Today I start living! - 4 short Russian Themed Creepypastas - The Super Mario Massacre and Evil Patrixxx. Podcast 42 is Christopher De Voss - JL Tross - Laura De Voss - Sabrina Pierre Here is this year's JL special for you to read along: BEACH BOIS HIDDEN ALBUM; FROWN author unknown Oky, so you're not going to believe this; but there's a album by the EACH BOYS called frown, which is a sequel to smile. unlike smile, only brin wilson knows about this album, because everyone else in the beach bois had ther brains wiped. the album was leaked on some ukranian website a year ago, and it popularity tok off. the album's cover (whih was leked on the ukran wepsite) shows the beach boys in one of ther publicity photos ,but it is different. first off, all da membvers has red eyes, and seem to be froewning. above one of the members is the title; "THE BEACH BOYS FROWN" in blue arial font. the first song on the album is called "our satan" and it starts with brian wilso n saying a satan him! then someone stats showing a guitar up carl's butT! then we hear kurt cobin on the toulet and then a gunshot! then forendik laughs and then the song engs. the second song is called "eeg" and it's reversed gee! the third one is called "summon" and it starts with some playing a pino with hIS DIK. THEN DEMMY STARTS SINGING WU TAN CLAN AIN NOTHIN TO FUK WIT. BRIAN WILSON STARTS TRANGULATIN PINKY PY! THEN RANBO DOSH CUMS BACK FROM THE DEAD AND STARTS KIKING CARL IN DA BALS. MIKE THEN SETS FIR ON RANBOW DOSH, AND SHE DIES. DA FORUTH WAN IS CALED FUK U AND IT STARTS OFF WITH EVIL PATRIXX SAYING FUCK YOU AND THEN IT CUTS TO AL MAKING OUT WITH MIKE LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUVE. THEN RINGO STAR CUMS IN AND STARTS PLAYING THE DURMS AND PAUL MIKKARTNEY PLAYS BAS AND AL PLAYS TRUMPET AND ELVIS PLAYS GUITAR AND ELVIS SAYS "FUK U" THROUG HTHE ENITRE SONG!! THE FIFTH ONE IS CALLED BROS BEFORE HOS AND IT'S LIKE IF LMFAO DID A SONG ON BROS BEFOR HOES. DA SIXF OAN IS CALLED HAPPY CRAPPY AND IT HAS AL TAKING A PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPP!! THE LAST ONE IS CALLED PATRIXXORAMA AND PATRIXXX SAYS "IM GONA KILL YOU" AND NOW HE'S IN HERE IUO YIKUIJ9PHPIJ SG UIOJAUIOJJFADJ OUADEGIJUO WHTJUIAG RIAOKIJMHSdead Sources: creepypasta.com, creepypasta.fandom.com, mashable.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/podcast42show/support
Oct 22 2021
1 hr 6 mins
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