S3 E6: TOLWM + Jeremy Pajer x Our Sacred (and Wounded) Masculine and Feminine

Think Out Loud With Me

Feb 10 2024 • 51 mins

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I’ve invited my guest, Jeremy Pajer, to think out loud with me about the deep and often polarizing topic of Masculine and Feminine Energy. I met Jeremy in his role as co-founder of Freedom Folk and Soul as he and his wife and co-founder, Stephanie, led a group of us through the Toltec Medicine Wheel of Transformation. I joined him, Stephanie, and several others on a journey of self-discovery to the pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico, and his teachings, touch, and genuine energy so greatly impacted me that I have journeyed two more times to Teo and spent countless hours with him in ceremony and discussion online and in person.

Jeremy loves to share his wisdom, creativity, and playfulness as an Ordained Minister of the Healing Arts, Transformation and Master Breathwork Facilitator, Toltec Teacher, and Personal Freedom Coach. He brings his love and knowledge of firewalking, sweat lodges, Native American ceremony, Toltec wisdom, 12-Step traditions, and shamanic practices to people all over the world.

Jeremy is MOST passionate about teaching people how to find their OWN wisdom and embrace their OWN humanity. He is practical and purposeful, yet gentle, kind, and authentic. He is a leader, teacher, and healer, yet he is forever a student, vulnerable, curious, and always evolving.

Jeremy embraces both the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. I have witnessed him as both stable and free-flowing. He is determined and protective, and agile and nurturing.

After setting up with some perspective of my own, I dive right into this cast and ask Jeremy to give us a little commentary on his understanding of masculine-feminine energies. A thought-provoking conversation blossoms from there, and I'm honored to let you hear.

Jeremy is wonderfully busy with a calendar of experiences, breathwork, journeys, and points of connection. You can find him online at https://www.freedomfolkandsoul.org. You can find the beginning of the Shaman Heart series he is co-leading with his wife, Stephanie, at https://www.shamanheart.org.

Also, note mentions of David Deida and The Mask You Live In.

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