The Secrets to Unveiling the Confidence within you

The Graceful Warrior

Jun 6 2024 • 25 mins

Hello Graceful Warriors!

Join us as we discover the keys to unlocking the Confidence within ones Heart. Special Guest and speaker CoWano Stanley is from Arkansas. She now resides in Las Vegas, NV.

As a single parent, she completed two Master’s degrees. She is now working on her Doctoral Degree.

While raising her son she went through some tough times, causing her to lose confidence due to several abusive relationships and challenges as a single parent. CoWano’s goals were not achieved due to a lack of confidence, it was a determined heart and mind.

CoWano is now a

  1. Speaker,
  2. Confidence Coach, &
  3. An Author of several books.

CoWano coaches women how to reclaim & increase their confidence, caused by trauma or life circumstances, so they can achieve their goals & unlock their full potential.

For coaching email Cowano:

To follow CoWano you can find her on Social media accounts:


If your in the Las Vegas Nevada area, you are invited to her Powerful Conference this weekend. To attend Cowano Stanley’s conference in Las Vegas, you can visit her official website where you’ll find information on the 2024 Reclaim Your Confidence Conference. There, you should be able to request more details or register for the event. If you’re looking to become a member or create an account for updates, there’s also a section for that2. It’s a great opportunity to join others in learning how to boost your self-confidence and empowerment! 🌟

Cant make it to her Conference? Well you can attend Cowano Stanley’s conference virtually. She is the host of the Reclaiming Your Confidence (R.Y.C.) & RYC International virtual summit1, and she has been involved in various virtual conferences in the past yrs. For more information on how to join the conference virtually, you can check her official website. It’s a fantastic way to participate and gain valuable insights, even if you can’t be there in person.

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