Empowering Men: Unleashing Impactful Tools with Pastor Mark

The Graceful Warrior

Jun 20 2024 ā€¢ 39 mins

Hello Graceful Warriors!

This week on Coffee Break with God, we have Pastor Mark Collins in tha house!

Mark is a Pastor, Mentor, Husband and Father who is passionate about providing Christian men with the tools to unleash their impact and renew their minds in Christ. Society today has fought to steal men's identity. Even the christian man has lost their "inner man", hiding deep in the crevices of hurt, anger and past memories. But Pastor Mark has the solution in his Life mastery class that is offered to men.

Mark's passion to see Christian men impact the world came from his own journey to have the life he believed he was created for, without the fear of failure and imposter syndrome that came along for the ride.

This led to the creation of his Bible-based, transformational course, "Life Mastery" and the book he authored, "Life Mastery - living life by design, not by default."

Over the course of the past 10 years, Mark has instructed/coached/mentored over 500 people, providing scriptural tools to overcome everything that is standing in the way of the life they are created for.

It is Mark's mission to see Christian men everywhere discover who they are created to be, live the life that they are created for and overcome everything that is standing in the way.

Today we sit down with Pastor Mark and discovery some keys to the mountains we have created in our lives and learn how to bring it all into perspective.

- Pastor Mark is also hosting a marriage conference, This July 19-20 in Sausalito, California. For tickets check out his websites below.

Hey California if you mention this podcast- Pastor Mark will give you a free signed copy of his Life for mastery Book!! Wow What a Blessing!!

Life Mastery- is his new book. Grab Pastor Mark's Book on Amazon and wherever books are sold. And learn how to master the identity within you.

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