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A zippy conversation about trending technology hosted by Silicon Valley veteran Niki Christoff. What’s happening right now on the frontlines of tech? From the C-Suite and Capitol Hill to crypto and Gen Z TikTok, Niki breaks it all down to help savvy listeners get even smarter. Guests include experts, enthusiasts, regulators, policymakers, CEOs, and reporters. New episodes drop every other Thursday.

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Welcome to Tech’ed Up
Sep 16 2021
2 mins
Twitter: What Elon wants, Elon getsSolving Crimes on the BlockchainBuilding Mission-Focused TechBattling "Big Tech" BacklashIs Your Computer Listening to You?Crypto 101: What are Stablecoins?Crypto 101: Ethereum ExplainedOn-Demand Birth Control and the Telehealth TrendAuto Refinancing? There’s An App For ThatParenting in the Age of AlgorithmsWhen Self-Driving Trucks Hit the HighwayCongress' Big Tech BreakupBillionaire Bosses: Lessons from the C-SuiteCrypto 101: Why should we care?Satellites & Space JunkMeasuring Attitudes About AICrypto 101: What the heck is web3?Welcome to the MetaverseUnderstanding Disinformation & Troll FarmsWhy is Cyberspace a Hot Mess?