GEAPS Exchange 2024: Setting Records, Shaping Futures with John Caupert

Whole Grain

Mar 15 2024 • 18 mins

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Listen in to hear about the monumental GEAPS Exchange event with John Caupert, the visionary executive director of GEAPS (Grain Elevator and Processing Society). Fresh from the excitement of Exchange 2024 in Kansas City, MO, Caupert shares his reflections, highlights and insider insights on the event that celebrated the grain handling and processing industry.

From record-breaking attendance to standout moments like the Get Acquainted Party with a mechanical bull and keynote presentation that included a rockstar drummer delivering a powerful message, Caupert paints a vivid picture of the energy and enthusiasm that permeated the trade show floor, educational sessions and numerous networking events. Dive deep into the numbers, trends and innovations that shaped  GEAPS Exchange 2024, from international representation to the pivotal discussions on automation, technology and the ongoing labor shortage.

Discover how GEAPS Exchange serves as a catalyst for industry advancement, offering a perfect blend of information, education and networking opportunities. Caupert shares his vision for the future of Exchange, including strategies to attract more attendees and cultivate the next generation of grain industry professionals.

Don't miss this episode as we peek behind the success of GEAPS Exchange and chart the course for a brighter future in the grain handling industry.

Save the date for GEAPS Exchange 2025! Make plans now to attend 2025 GEAPS Exchange at the Kansas City Convention Center February 22-25, 2025, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Tune in now and be inspired to join the thriving community driving innovation and progress in grain handling and processing.

The Whole Grain show is hosted by Jim Lenz, GEAPS’ director of training and education.


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