A Lifetime of Shepherding Safety with Wayne Bauer

Whole Grain

Nov 29 2023 • 26 mins

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Navigating the intricacies of the grain industry requires dedication, expertise, and a passion for safety. Our latest podcast guest, Wayne Bauer, embodies all these traits and more. Bauer, a seasoned industry veteran, shares his journey from leadership roles to his enduring commitment post-retirement.

Wayne's entry into the grain handling and processing industry was marked by his roles in various companies. His diverse career saw him transitioning from an agronomist to managing a small feed mill, supervising the construction of grain terminals, and eventually venturing into safety and security. His involvement with GEAPS, an organization dedicated to the grain industry, spanned decades and included a term as the international president.

He discussed the deep-rooted connections he formed because of his participation with GEAPS. He openly discussed his experiences within the industry, including memorable moments like saving an employee's life and collaborating with steel bin manufacturers to promote safer designs.

Wayne's influence extended beyond local grain handling. He recounted his educational trip to Argentina, where he educated industry professionals about grain entrapment prevention. The profound impact of his knowledge became evident when he learned that a company used his techniques to save a life.

Strategic planning and engagement also played a pivotal role in Wayne's career. He stressed the importance of strategic thinking and planning, as well as collaboration within the industry. He shared his insights on succession planning within GEAPS chapters and the importance of preparing for future leadership roles.

Post-retirement, Wayne continues to dedicate his time to safety improvements within the industry. He connects with his community, teaching local fire departments how to handle farm-related emergencies, and shares insights on strategic planning and industry engagement. He also addresses the challenges of employee retention and the importance of grooming high school students as the future vanguards of agriculture.

As we navigate the evolving grain industry, Wayne Bauer's journey serves as a beacon, illuminating the importance of safety, collaboration, and continuous learning. His enduring contribution underscores the significance of the grain industry and its crucial role in society.

Wayne discusses:

•          Wayne’s career in the grain industry

•          Connections and impact in the grain industry

•          Safety Improvements

•          Post-retirement activities

•          Strategic planning and engagement for GEAPS chapters

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