Inside the Iowa State University Kent Feed Mill and Grain Science Complex with Dirk Maier

Whole Grain

Sep 28 2023 • 27 mins

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Ever wondered what goes into creating a state of the art agricultural facility? Get ready to be enlightened as Dirk Maier, a globally recognized professor of Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering at Iowa State University, takes us on deep dive of the Iowa State University Kent Feed-Mill and Grain Science Complex. This isn't just your regular mill and grain elevator; it stands as a beacon of innovation and education. It is a game changer for the global grain industry. We'll dig into the strategic location, the innovative components and its incredible potential to impact the industry on a global scale.

This complex isn't just about grain, it's about people too. Beyond the state of the art infrastructure, we'll discuss the opportunities it presents to students of Iowa State, the role it plays in continuing education and extension programs, and its power to elevate global grain industry awareness. You'll also get an insight into the crucial role funding played in making this project a reality, the generous contribution of the Kent Corporation family, and other major contributors. Join us for an episode that promises to feed your curiosity and give you a fresh perspective on the future of the grain industry.

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