Recognizing Employee Behavior for Sustainable Engagement

Whole Grain

Nov 1 2023 • 26 mins

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Ever pondered the power of genuine recognition in your workplace? Tune in as we dig into a riveting dialogue with Erin Mies, co-founder of People Spark Consulting, who casts a brilliant light on the pivotal role intentional recognition plays in boosting employee engagement. Erin's mantra, "having light, we pass it on to others," beautifully encapsulates her approach as she shares her rich experience from the agriculture industry. We navigate the terrain of employee engagement, exploring how data can be a handy tool in identifying behaviors that foster increased engagement.

Meanwhile, the second part of our discourse ventures into the fascinating world of behavior recognition and its potential impact on workplace dynamics. Erin guides us through the nuances of providing precise recognition, dissecting the merits and drawbacks of recognition programs. She also uncovers the connection between such programs and coaching and feedback techniques. Curious about how to develop effective leadership programs and align people strategies with business objectives? You're in for a treat as Erin unearths compelling insights on these topics. Join us for this transformative conversation that's bound to inspire change in your workplace!

About the guest:
Erin Mies helps small and mid-sized businesses in agriculture and food grow their margins and improve their business through straightforward, practical HR solutions. She is the co-founder of People Spark Consulting.

Episode Topics:
·      Defining intentional recognition
·      The role of engagement surveys
·      Patterns and trends observed in engagement survey data
·      How organizations can use engagement survey data to identify specific behaviors that lead to improved engagement
·      Behaviors that organizations commonly seek to recognize
·      Examples of how recognizing these behaviors positively impacts employee morale and engagement
·      Strategies for effective communication
·      Pros and cons of recognition programs

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