Safety First: Unmasking Grain Dust Management with Dr. Carol Jones

Whole Grain

Dec 14 2023 • 39 mins

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In this compelling episode, our director of education and host of Whole Grain, Jim Lenz welcomes Dr. Carol Jones, a distinguished figure in production agriculture and materials handling design.

Dr. Jones shares her professional journey, including her role at GEAPS Exchange and the Fire Service Training Grain Entrapment Rescue program prior to the discussion on grain dust management.

Overview of Grain Dust Management:
Dr. Jones provides a comprehensive overview of the significance of grain dust in the context of grain elevators, addressing potential hazards and environmental concerns.

Evolution of Dust Management Practices:
Delving into her vast experience, Dr. Jones discusses the changing landscape of dust management practices over the course of her career.

Safety Considerations:
Emphasizing the importance of safety, Dr. Jones explores key safety considerations related to grain dust in grain elevators, including the risks of combustible dust.

Regulatory Landscape:
Dr. Jones sheds light on the regulatory framework surrounding grain dust management, discussing how regulations have evolved and impacted grain elevator operations.

Technologies and Innovations:
Exploring technological advancements, Dr. Jones shares insights into monitoring systems, ventilation, and other innovations for effective dust control.

Education Initiatives:
Highlighting the crucial role of education and training, Dr. Jones describes initiatives she's been part of and offers recommendations for industry professionals.

Future Outlook:
Dr. Jones speculates on the future of grain dust management, discussing emerging technologies and trends that may shape the industry.

About the guest:
Dr. Carol Jones, PE joined the Biosystems and Ag Engineering Department Faculty at Oklahoma State University in 2002 after a long career in production agriculture and materials handling design.  She is also an OSU alum with all of her degrees from OSU. She recently retired from her full-time professorship to work as an instructor with OSU’s Fire Service Training Grain Entrapment Rescue program. Dr. Jones owns CL Jones Consulting LLC which provides grain handling and storage engineering, training and forensic services.


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