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Good Sex

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Good sex is all about good communication. And we believe honest conversations are the best way to get there. That’s why we’ve asked duos of all types to open up to each other - no host! - about pleasure, intimacy and what turns them on. Listen to hear intimate chats, sexual revelations and playful moments between friends, lovers and everyone in between.

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Our Editor's Take

The Good Sex podcast is on a mission to normalize sex questions some might be too scared to ask. Listeners are welcome to come and explore the full spectrum of sex as a natural human experience.

This podcast has a unique format. Instead of the same host every week, the Good Sex show has two different guests speaking in many episodes. They talk about their sex lives together. The idea is to bring in some truth about what goes on in the bedroom. Lights on or lights off, it doesn't matter. What stays true is that having good sex is beyond exciting kinks and fetishes. Some episodes have one person talking about their own sex life.

Some Good Sex episodes feature experts. Goody Howard and Adam Maurer, talk about how sexism exists in the bedroom. This reflective guide can help listeners check their own dynamics with their partners. Is there privilege showing, and whose?

The Good Sex podcast discusses a variety of sex lives. It could be casual, exclusive, solo, couples, or a group. But the one common thread is how sex influences relationships. Whether it's with the self or others, this intimate act brings people closer to their true selves.

The Good Sex podcast is here to clarify misconceptions about sex. This is much more than all the wild, kinky stuff. Each episode encourages the audience to learn. The topics are raw, playful, relatable, and unconventional. Can non-monogamy ever be okay for a relationship? Do people know all there is to know about butt stuff? Does childhood upbringing have anything to do with a person's sex views as an adult?

The podcast also addresses some of the biggest elephants in the bedroom. Sexual trauma is real, and awareness is important to be present for intimate partners.

The Good Sex podcast is not only about the joys of sex. It is also about spreading positive sex education. It welcomes those ready to go beyond what they thought they knew about sex—and even those who aren't. Of course, this is an adults-only podcast.

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