Tory Sheffer, Sheffer Capital - Multi-Family Investing, How to Get Started and More

Inside Real Estate

Jan 27 2022 • 44 mins

As Owner of Sheffer Capital, Tory is responsible for all aspects of real estate acquisition & asset management. This includes underwriting, structuring equity, raising capital & asset management. His work involves managing the transaction process from inception to execution, as well as continuous oversight through the life of the investment. Tory has been in the real estate industry 6+ years as a broker and principal investor in 100+ transactions totaling $100M+. Tory is also an investor in Real Estate Lab which is a real estate software company focused on analysis and data related to multifamily investing, and Tory is also a partner in a 24/7 gym in Delano, MN. Prior to real estate Tory owned & operated Superior Recreation Services, a company building commercial playgrounds throughout Michigan & Ohio. Listen now!