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Vue is a growing front-end framework for web developments. Hear experts cover technologies and movements within the Vue community by talking to members of the open source and development community.

Writing Good Tests for Vue with Markus Oberlehner - VUE 176
Jan 12 2022
Writing Good Tests for Vue with Markus Oberlehner - VUE 176
Lindsay and Steve talk with Markus about his project, “Writing Good Tests for Vue Applications.” They discuss how Markus got into programming with PHP, and then later moved into Vue development, as well as how he got into testing. Markus explains how testing “clicked” for him, and that he felt there weren’t enough good resources on writing Vue tests. They then dive into testing with Vue, including component testing, integration testing, and some key concepts for how to write tests. Notes: verschlimmbessert Sponsors Top End DevsCoaching | Top End Devs Links Tests that don't suckDecoupling Component Tests From Implementation Details with PreconditionsManual testing, E2E testing, unit testing – how to decide which testing strategy to use?Decoupling Vue components from side effects, the overengineered way - YouTubeGitHub - maoberlehner/article-testing-dslVitest Picks Lindsay- Lindsay- Reusable Components - Michael Thiessen Lindsay- Views on Vue Episode 128: VUE 128: Templates to Scoped Slots - Reusable Components with Michael Thiessen Markus- Vanilla tea with creamerSteve- r/DadJokes - the best Dad Jokes on reddit Steve- Daily Dad Jokes | Podcast on Spotify Special Guest: Markus Oberlehner .Sponsored By: Coaching | Top End Devs: Do you want to level up your career? or go freelance? or start a podcast or youtube channel? Let Charles Max Wood Help You Achieve Your Dreams Top End Devs: Learn to Become a Top 5% Developer. Join our community of ambitious and engaged programmers to learn how.