VoV 095: New to Vue with Mirjam Bäuerlein

Views on Vue

Jan 14 2020 • 1 hr 1 min

In this episode of Views on Vue the panel interviews Mirjam Bäuerlein, a developer who is new to Vue. Mirjam starts by explaining her coding journey. She has been coding as a hobby since she was 11 and about 3 years ago decided to make it a career. Her work at the time moved her to frontend development in React; giving her the shot that she needed to get a jump on her new career path. Her newest job is using Vue and is the reason she switched to Vue.

The panel asks Mirjam about her first impressions of Vue and how she is enjoying the language. She shares with the panel what she enjoys about Vue and what she misses about React. Mirjam tells the panel what it has been like getting into development in recent years since most of the panel has been coding for a much longer. She explains how overwhelming it is learning code in the technology-saturated environment.

They discuss the challenges Mirjam faced, deciding where to start, staying focus on one thing and stemming the desire to try everything she found. They discuss the power of starting with basics such as CSS and HTML. They consider all the things you can do just by knowing CSS and HTML.

Mirjam gave a talk on how dog training relates to test-driven development. She trained dogs for years before becoming a developer and is very passionate about testing and test-driven development. These two passions drove her to give this talk. The panel asks her a few questions about training developers and how training dogs relate to test-driven development.

They continue to discuss testing and what tests are best. Mirjam loves unit tests. She explains why she thinks they are the best. The panel brings up a tweet explaining that integrations were the best. They debate what are the best types of tests but they all agree in the end. Just test your applications. She shares tips for writing and debugging tests. She finishes by explain what conference buddy is.


  • Charles Max Wood

  • Lindsay Wardell

  • Steve Edwards

  • Austin Gil


  • Mirjam Bäuerlein



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