The Spaghetti Zone - Train Full o' Hell, Part 1


May 30 2022 • 1 hr 7 mins

Welcome to the grit and the grime, the gunsmoke and hellstone, the frontier outskirts of Mudwater. Across the dimensional boundaries that separate one universe from the next, a gang of familiar outlaws set out to derail a train carrying precious cargo and earn themselves a payday. It seems only Charlie Sunday remembers anything of janitorial exploits or the Åsbrush...and what's Charlie gonna do? Chew gum about it?

Starring Sky Swanson (GM), Seth Coveyou (Charlie Sunday), Casey Reardon (Charlotte "Silver" Waters), Jonas Tintenseher (Charity Chance), and Andrew Frost (Chuck "Cavendish" Cavanaugh).

Ambience sourced from Tabletop Audio (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).