Let’s Talk! Paul Santmire in conversation with Pr. Habila Shede (Lutheran Church of Christ, Nigeria)

Let’s Talk! EcoActivist conversations with Paul Santmire.

Jun 9 2022 • 21 mins

In this "Let's Talk!" Paul Santmire connects with the Reverend Shede Habila, Pastor at the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria (West Africa) about the challenges he faces, what it is like *living* liberation theology, and how he finds support.

The Reverend Shede Habila is also a young climate justice activist who recently completed a Certificate in Climate Justice and Faith (virtual) at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary; in that program, he drafted a sacred action project entitled, "Climate Action and Mitigation, Sustainability Initiatives.”

One of the biggest challenges he faces is the funding to actualize the project. He seeks funding opportunities and donors to support his work. Please contact him shedehabila1122@gmail.com with any questions or leads for funding support.