Getting personal with finance - Adrian Stone


Oct 24 2017 • 1 hr 41 mins

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Catch up from last episode {05:39}

On his Polish Jewish history & the holocaust {06:54}

Australia, immigration & multiculturalism {12:06}

On his new project: Glide luggage {31:55}

Personal finance: thoughts & advice {41:18}

Buying your first property {45:55}

Personal finance goals {01:01:55}

Debt and borrowing money {01:11:34}

Mistakes and decisions most people make {01:17:06}

Guides and where to learn {01:26:52}

Personal finance: what he would change? {01:29:40}

Current playlist {01:30:21}

Something he’s changed his mind on recently {01:32:14}

If he could have a billboard anywhere {01:35:17}

What he’s most proud of {01:36:12}

A problem he faces everyday, that no one has solved {01:37:58}

Five favourite non-musical sounds {01:38:30}