Episode #06: Dementia Care with Carrie Chiusano

Intentional Wealth - A BBA Podcast

Feb 1 2022 • 1 hr 6 mins

With an estimated 6.2 million Americans aged 65 and older living with some form of dementia in 2021, chances are that most of us will either know someone afflicted with the disease, be faced with having to care for someone diagnosed, or experience the symptoms and be diagnosed ourselves.

In Episode #6 of Intentional Wealth, host Amy Braun-Bostich of Braun-Bostich & Associates is joined by Carrie Chiusano, Presbyterian SeniorCare Network’s Executive Director of the Dementia Care Center of Excellence, to discuss dementia, including Alzheimer’s, its common signs and symptoms, and what to do if diagnosed. Carrie’s extensive experience and personal insight in understanding all aspects of this “umbrella-term” - dementia - is invaluable for all who may be affected by this disease.

Listen as Carrie shares the importance of understanding dementia - as a person experiencing symptoms or diagnosed, as well as those that may be taking on a role of caregiver.