10 reasons to declutter your kid’s bedroom: why a clear space helps your children function better (not just you!)

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May 17 2022 • 4 mins

If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t just shut the door on your kids’ rooms and keep your living room and kitchen all tidy instead….

Here’s ten reasons why your kids deserve a clean room – and YOU deserve the parenting peace that comes from getting out all that grit in the gears! (Because the mom has to deal with kid bedrooms – a lot.)

What you’ll learn:

·        What the mess does to your kids

·        The practical ramifications of messy rooms

·        What needs to happen post-editing

Have I convinced you yet?

Your life is going to be so much easier when the kids have less stuff.

It’s time to hit it with the trash bags. Clutter, time’s up!

You’ve got this!


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