Ep #137 - Paul Morris, Best Selling Author – “Wealth Can’t Wait” Shares 3 Rules To Invest In Real Estate

Lifetime Cash Flow Through Real Estate Investing

Jun 26 2017 • 55 mins

Here’s some of what you will learn:

  • Flipping property is a great way to make money to invest in income producing assets.
  • When you should leave a comfortable job.
  • Paul’s 3 Rules when investing in Real estate.
  • Buy where you know, asset must cash flow, and add value.
  • When you should invest in a gentrifying neighborhood.
  • How to associate pleasure with investing.
  • Why you should add “with ease” at the end of your goals.
  • Why you should model other successful people.
  • The one phrase that will allow you to sit down and have coffee with anyone.
  • “What would it take to earn the right to sit down for coffee with you?”
  • Associate yourself with people at a higher level.
  • How to manage your close friends that are not at a higher level.
  • Rather than judge, notice.
  • If you want to be less angry, you need to first be light on yourself.
  • Why you should use the word “Interesting” in any negative experience.
  • You can learn something from everyone.
  • Book Recommendation – Wealth Cant Wait By Paul Morris and David Osborn
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Our Guest

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