This is a throwback mix released 5 years ago under my previous pseudonym DJ Seroton in a series called Unwind.

The mix was inspired by the the 5th track (More Than Nothing), and is centered around our desire to sometimes "turn back the hands of the clock" and do something we missed out on doing. Even though the song describes a man's regret for not pursuing a relationship, I'd like to think of this idea more generically to include everything we procrastinate or never get to do that we later wish we would have done, or at least tried!

Musically, this mix was by far the most time-consuming 1-hour mix I've ever created! It almost burnt me out trying to perfect all aspects of the mix, especially the first of the two mashups, track 13, which is made up of two equally amazing songs by DeYarmond Edison and All India Radio.

Making this mix was a labor of love. If you feel like showing your appreciation, buy me a cup of a coffee ( You can also share this with your friends, rate it or leave a review. Thank you.

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